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Unhealthy Obsession.

You have three days left to live. Which, imho, I would just die now.

I love you...I'll kill you.
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Blob. A fat, fleshy blob that makes noises when you try to move it. And yes, I am referring to myself as an 'it'. I am an asexual being. I reproduce by budding. The whole reproduction through intercourse thing does not exist. It's just a myth. You might say that every myth has a little truth in it. No. It does not. If you argue with me I will have to scoop your eyeballs out with a spoon, pluck out every single hair from your body one by one, rip off all of your nails, burn off your eyelids, tie your arms and legs to four different horses and have them move in different directions, have your fingers and toes cut off and shoved into your mouth, your lips will be cut open with a scalpel, and your ears will be bitten off by rampaging bunnies. You might think this ridiculous. Go ahead and think that. Go ahead. As a matter of fact, I even urge you to. ^-^

In my world, everyone is asexual. It's such a good little (little you might ask? we have shorter life spans. living for a hundred years is just ridiculous) world too. Everyone's independent. Yay.

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